Cutlets (CC, TC, HC & SC)

Cutlets are machine cut headless stockfish. They are cut in ring-like shape. We have them in cod, saith, haddock and tusk. They are well dried and carefully cut that they have different sizes. The quality of our cutlets is highest in the market because we try to source from suppliers that supply quality stockfish. If preserved in dry and airy condition (You can also refrigerate them), they can last up to 1 year. There are numerous insecticides in the market to kill and drive away insects and maggots. We can provide them at your request. Our products are available to you in sachets according to the kg or the number of sachets you buy. We will give you the best you would like.  Place your order and we will deliver up to 14 sachets, within five working days, depending on your desired quantity. Contact us now at