Fillets (C - Cut - A & S - Cut - A)

Emscor has the best Icelandic fillets in the market. We have stocks of cod's and saith's fillets. Fillets are sliced stockfish. They come in different sizes. They are well dried and of premium quality. Cod's fillets are flesh of cod without skin. While saith's or sey's fillets are flesh of saith without skin. The flesh is sliced in bits. Their skins are completely removed from the flesh. They contain no small little pin-like-bones normally found in fish; they are totally removed. The difference between cod's and saith's fillets is that cod's fillets are from the codfish, while saith's fillets are from the saithfish. The quality of our fillets is highest in the market because we try to source from suppliers that supply quality stockfish. If preserved in dry and airy condition (You can also refrigerate them), they can last up to 1 year. Our products are available to you in satchets according to the kg or the number of satchets you buy. We will give you the best you would like. Place your order and we will deliver up to 16 satchets, within 5 working days, depending on your location. Contact us now at