Headless Stockfish (Aka-Azu)

Emscor has the best quality of stockfish bales in Nigeria. We have in stock the original stockfish from Norway. The headless round Cod of higher quality is known for its tasty flavours in foods. It is very delicious. The head is cut off, and the remaining parts are dried, packed and preserved separately. This is the stockfish part known and consumed by many before Nigerians started the importation and consumption of stockfish heads. They come in different sizes & weights. This category includes headless Cod and Sey.  Most of the consumers prefer this category to others because it has most of the Stockfish flesh. Do not hesitate to place your orders and you will be satisfied you did. Depending on your location, it will take between one and five working days to be deliveredContact us now at: Sales@emscor.biz.