Stockfish heads (Ling, Cod, Haddock and Sey)

Stockfish heads are removed from the body, along with the guts, and bagged separately. They are of exceptional quality because of the high standard of production and preservation as with the other stockfish parts or products from Norway & Iceland. At Emscor, we not only sell in bags, we also display and sell in pieces. It is one of the categories we decide to display and sell to make sure every segment of the market gets stockfish no matter the income level. Some of the stockfish consumers don't know that stockfish heads are not a waste. We are assuring you that you will get from Emscor stockfish heads that offer the same nutritional values as other stockfish parts. We are encouraging you to go for this category for your tasty foods because they are cheap and affordable. Try our stockfish heads today and you will not regret it. Our delivery is within 5 working days depending on your location. Please contact us now at