We offer a prompt delivery through out Nigeria. Our packaging method involves a strong reusable polythene sheet. Your stock fish is very dry and doesn't require wet conditions, and some are usually lengthy, that is why we make use of a reusable polythene (waterproof) for packaging.
We strongly assure you that distance is not a matter to us because we have an organized system that will ensure you receive your staple order in good condition within 5 working days, wherein customers would be required to pick up their order from our delivery agent at the office.
Our delivery excludes Sundays and public holidays. If you place your order between Friday and Sunday, you will expect to collect your goods between Monday and Saturday of the coming week depending on the distance.
We offer only standard delivery for our customers all over the country. Every location has a peculiar delivery plan. The delivery plans and the charges will be displayed at checkout. You are advised to choose your delivery plan very carefully.
Immediately your order is being processed and is being delivered, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be informed from time to time your delivering status. Our delivery partners are reputable brands with integrity in prompt order delivery. It is our system to mail you the name of the delivery company and other details of theirs direct to your email address. In the event you did not receive any confirmation email within our stated period of delivery, kindly check your spam folder. Therefore, we request that you patiently wait while your staple order is being verified by our delivery partner.


Upon receipt of your consignment, endeavour to sign the delivery order form (If available) in the presence of the delivery agent to indicate your order has been accepted. Inspect your consignment immediately it is delivered, to make sure there are not evidence suggesting it has been tampered with or some portions missing. Perhaps your consignment has been tampered with or damaged, kindly keep the item safe and reach out to us within three days of delivery.

Failure to collect your consignment or reschedule delivery of your ordered item after 2 failed attempts to deliver, the consignment is returned to us by our delivery partner. Following this lapse, you would be accountable to pay 25% of the order value; that is, if you are still interested in having the staple order resent to you. The essence of this 25% charge is to repackage your ordered product and deliver it to you with some delivery fee.

Emsor Investment Ltd hereby declines to be liable for any delay in product delivery or failure to execute our jobs due to situations beyond our control, which causes could be tantamount to a natural disaster or ‘’an act of God’’, floods, rain, war, earthquakes, riots, or the inability to obtain some working materials.

Should in case there is a delay, the agreed period of delivery, if any, shall certainly be extended in tandem with the period of time lost, just to penalize for the lapse.

House Delivery:

We offer house delivery to customers in Onitsha and Nkpor. If you live outside the above mentioned areas mapped out for house delivery, you can arrange with our delivery agents who will let you know if they can offer you the services. Otherwise, you will have to visit the office in your city for a pick-up.

For the beneficiaries of house delivery, they should expect us to deliver their orders between 9 am and 5 pm of the same day they placed their orders. However, we may not be able to deliver their orders on the same day, especially if they placed orders after midday, but we will deliver their orders the following day, within the delivery hours.

Free Delivery:

We offer free delivery option to customers in some selected cities, such as; Onitsha, Nkpor and Obosi. We will pay delivery of your orders to the point of collection or to your house. As time goes on, more locations would be included.

Feel free to contact us via email: