You are welcome to Emscor Investment Lt

This company has been established as the foremost retail supplier of stock fish products in Nigeria. Since its registration in 2010, the company operated in stationery business before it delved into stock fish business in 2015.  

The real reason for starting the stock fish business was inspired from the belief that the business will be favourable, seeing that the founders of the company have known the business for many years and are well grounded in the stock fish business.  

Our focus at Emscor Investment Ltd. is to be the most reliable Nigerian dried fish and allied products company that will protect the food interest of Africans.

Our stock fish products are made from the prawn and fish caught from the usual rivers and oceans of Norway and Iceland by fisher men, using environmentally friendly tools. 

Of course, we are a creative stock fish company that provides outstanding variety of dried fish and allied products to customers for more than 3 years. 

Since our establishment, we have continued to maintain our traditional business model in the production and supply of stock fish.

We take pride in providing the best comprehensive marine products and services to our cherished clients in Nigeria. Because our stock fish products are of top - quality, we make sure to avoid the procurement of seafood products that are environmentally threatened by their existence.

At Emscor Investment, we understand and accept that our customers are key to our business successes. This is why we will not only provide them with top - quality products, but will vehemently ensure that the promotion of their health is our top most priority. This, we will achieve by implementing the required principles of hygiene through handling and packaging of our products from our stores till they get to our happy customers.  

Our decision to have an online presence is to extend our reach to more Nigerians who may not have the luxury of time to buy stock fish from the traditional market due to work and other tight engagements. It is our desire to ensure that both the rich and average Nigerians begin to consume stock fish because of its numerous health and nutritional benefits.

Our team of managers, headed by Mr. Emma Offornagoro, will be working assiduously to ensure that your stock fish needs, wants and expectations are identified and satisfied with appropriate and commensurate products and services at any time and place.

Our online retail stock fish sales platform is designed and tailored to meet the demands of the many prospective and potential consumers of stock fish in the country. It is very easy to navigate and we have a widespread presence across the country, to enable you receive your ordered staple products upon request.

We have a user-friendly and secured online payment system that will ensures that your transaction with us is void of compromise or internet theft.

With our rich years of experience, Emscor Investment Ltd. commands the Nigerian dried fish and allied products retail space as one of the major suppliers of stock fish products across the country. We are therefore, dedicated to further expanding our services and reach in order to meet the demands of our growing customers. 

Please feel free to visit our website for your quality and healthy stock fish needs and never hesitate to contact us for any help at: Info@emscor.biz.


C-CUT-A:                            CUTLETS (CC):          S-CUT-A BITS: 

Fillets Bits:                        6 Sachets:                Fillets: 2.0kg 

3 Sachets:                       6. 0kg:                          2 Sachets:

3.0kg:                                 ₦48,000.00                 ₦16,000.00