Our Online Shop

Our online stock fish sales platform was established in January, 2019 by a group of professionals committed to innovative, smart and easy online shopping solutions. The idea was birthed in 2017 with the sole aim of creating a platform that would give people access to varieties of stock fish products.

We at Emscor Investment have a rich history in stock fish business. Though it is widely known that stock fish originates from Iceland and Norway, our family has been in the business for more than thirty years, importing the product for our numerous happy customers. This is to say that we are very active in this line of business. Therefore, it is our desire to inspire people to eat stock fish due to its immense benefits.

With this, we will like to reiterate that the vision of the company is to be the most reliable Nigerian dried fish and allied products’ company that will protect food interest of Africans. On the other hand, we have the mission to give Nigerians healthy and quality stock fish and other allied products from Norway and Iceland whenever and wherever they might be needed by partnering with reliable stakeholders.

Gone are the days when people would refer to stock fish as food for the super - rich. We have discredited this assertion by offering a wide variety of stock fish and their various prices. This clearly means that our various prices are tailored to suit the budget of every customer.

We have made it simple that you can choose from the variety of our dried fish products like stock fish heads, cutlets, stock fish in 30kg bags, collarbones, backbones and fillets bits.

The numerous clients throughout Nigeria who patronize us include small scale retailers, largescale retailers and consumers. We also make supplies for people who organize traditional and white wedding ceremonies, funeral events, Christmas and Easter celebrations and other numerous social events.     

We can either take direct orders when you visit our office at Onitsha or receive your orders via our website, etc.

Our decision to have an online presence is to extend our reach to more customers who may not have the luxury of time to buy stock fish from the traditional market due to work and other tight engagements.

Our online stock fish sales platform is designed and tailored to meet the demands of the many prospective and potential consumers of stock fish in the country. Our website is very easy to navigate and we have a widespread presence across the country, to enable your ordered products delivered to you upon request.

Our online payment system is user - friendly and secure and is designed to ensure your transaction with us is void of compromise or internet theft.

With this, we sincerely assure you again that our top - quality fish products are also very affordable, as this is in line with our mission and vision. We try to sell at a moderate price without any intention of putting profit maximization in the place of quality services. This is why we advise that you concentrate more on the quality and satisfaction you derive in our products.

Because we hold customers’ satisfaction so dear to our hearts, we at Emscor Investment guarantee that every single purchase you make from us will be a seamless process from start to finish. So, you might want to take a look at our website for more information, and get in touch with your questions or concerns.  

For more information, email us at: Info@emscor or Emscor9@gmail.com.   


C - CUT - A                         C - CUT - A                  COD - HEAD: C

Fillets Bits                        Fillets Bits                   Okpokoroisi

5 Sachets: 5.0Kg          1  Bag: 30KG               1 Bag: 30Kg

₦45,000.00                       ₦154,000.00                ₦59,000.00