Emscor Investment Ltd. is dedicated to offering the most reliable dried fish and allied products to Nigerians. Our prices are very affordable, as this is in line with our mission and vision. We try to sell at moderate prices. Our prices are tailored to suit the budget of every customer.                                           

There are 3 major convenient ways to make payment in our online shop; they are as follows:

  1. Paystack Payment (Credit or Debit card payment and NetBankning/ Internet Banking) Method
  2. Bank deposit or Bank transfer
  3. Pay on Delivery

Paystack Payment (Credit or Debit card payment and NetBanking/ Internet):

This is done through our secure online payment system. You will enter your bank details in a payment form the system will provide and the system will process it and confirmation message or evidence of payment immediately issued to you. This is quik and very simple.

Our trusted payment gateway, Paystack, accepts Mastercard, Visa card and NetBanking, also known as Internet - Bank transfer. At the payment stage, you will be asked to choose between card payments and NetBanking. However the method you have chosen, follow the online payment instructions on the screen and pay into our online shop account managed by paystack. The system is very safe. Contact us for more clarifications.

Bank deposit or Bank transfer: 

Bank deposit involves going to the bank for a cash deposit of the amount you would like to deposit. While bank transfer involves electronic money transfer between banks via mobile phone or computer or paper transfer over the counter. These are both applicable to orders placed through our website, and orders placed offline through SMS, emails, our contact form.

Customers who lack confidence of disclosing their bank detials to paystack, our secure payment processor, or who do not have bank cards will make cash deposit with a bank teller, across the counter, into our bank account, or they will make bank transfers into our bank accounts.

Our bank details can be seen at the checkout; they are:

Bank Name: Zenith Bank Plc.
A/c. Name: Emscor Investment Ltd.
A/c. Number: 1012895585

For more clarifications, contact us at:

Note that we can only send your order when we receive your payment. Also, remember that we are obliged to cancel your order after 24 hours of not receiving your payment. You are free to contact us at any time via email or SMS. After 24hrs, if you still need the product, you will reorder again. You are free to contact us at any time via email or SMS.


Pay on Delivery (PoD):

Payment on delivery allows you to pay in cash when our agent delivers your order to you. This payment is convenient because it will give you room to examine your order and securely make payment. It applies to order placed through our website, SMS, emails, or via our contact form.

Locations for Pay on Delivery:

Perhaps you might choose to pay on delivery. The locations for pay on delivery are Onitsha and Nkpor. We hope to extend to other cities soonest.

Criteria for Pay on Delivery:

  • Your total order value must not be less thaan ₦5,000.00
  • Your total order value must not be more than ₦100,000.00.
  • Your record of prompt payment on previous deliveries must be clean.

    Payment Security:

    Online security is as important as the security of life and property. It means we keep every data and information on the internet away from the prying eyes of the online fraudsters and hackers.

    The following are the reasons for an internet security system;

    • To ensure that phishing emails are not sent through one's website.
    • To ensure that one does not upload any virus to one's site.
    • To let online visitors know that one's website is safe.
    • To ensure that ones online business data is secured and protected from website hackers and fraudsters.
    • And lastly, to get better ranking in search engines like Google (Google gives more recognition, in its search engine ranking ladder, to a well-protected website).

     How Do You Secure Your Website?

    The two best globally recognised methods of internet protection are:  acquiring of SSL certificate and installing of Security seals, such as; McAfee and Northon anti - Virus softwares.

    • Security seals work against website intruders bent to steal important data such as credit and debit card details, pins and passwords. It does this by automatically going through ones data files and documents, detecting and cleaning hacker's malwares or virus.
    • On the other hand, SSL certificate means (Secure Sockets Layer or Digital Certificate). It ensures that there is secure communication or connection between ones website and visitor's browser. SSL certificate will provide a safe online communication link that ensures that sensitive data such as bank details, pins and passwords are not compromised. What that means is that SSL certificate will encrypt all your data and let them be safely published by using HTTPS, which stands for "hyper text  transfer protocol secure." 

     What is HTTPS?

    HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) is the protocol that allows sending or transfering of data over the internet between one's website and the visitor's connected browser. However, because it was found to enable data leakage, HTTPS was introduced to provide security on data over the internet. Therefore, HTTPS is the protected version of HTTP. Because of that upgrade (shown by the attached 'S'), sensitive data stored in one's website can now be encrypted (that is, they are now secured). It's important to say that HTTPS cannot do its work of providing security without an SSL certificate. It's when you install an SSL certificate in your website that HTTPS will encrypt your visitor's communication between your website and his browser, by so doing securing your business information and data.

    What are the benefits of HTTPS?

    • HTTPS tells online visitors that one's business is transparent; that you are a genuine business.
    • Your online visitors will trust you, believing that you own a secured business.
    • Customers are more likely to make payment for a purchase if they see that you have a secured website.

      Our Security:

      We have taken stringent measures to secure our customers' credit card numbers, email addresses and other sensitive information on our website and online payment platform.We understand the need for the security of our website. Without securing our online store, our sensitive data, those of our customers and other third parties or partners, will be compromised, which will lead to a disaster for our business. To avoid such an occurrence, we utilize the two best globally recognised methods of internet protection; SSL certificate and Security seals.We have a secure online payment system that is well protected with SSL certificate evidence by the small padlock beside the address bar on the top left side of our website. If you want to know whether a site is secured, place your cursor on the little lock, and you will be provided with the site's details. It is, therefore, with this that we strongly assure you that your data with us are very safe. 

      Feel free to do business with us. Place your order through our secured online payment system. You have nothing to worry about; your personal data are very safe.

      How Can Customers Secure Their Personal Details:

      Don’t Sign-In Into your NetBanking Account Mailers:

      It is more convenient and safe to type the bank website by yourself than opening it through a promotional email or through any other third - party link. You should know that no bank will ever request for the login information to any of your accounts. So, if you suspect an email that wants to redirect you to your bank’s site and you fill in your personal information after clicking on the landing page, then, your account is at a serious risk of being stolen.

      Well, this is to inform you that whenever you get an email from a bank soliciting for your email, please do not give attention.

      Do not Use Public Computers for Online Transactions:

      You stand a higher chance of losing your login details and account when you use a public computer to run an online financial transaction. Nevertheless, if you must use such device, ensure you clear the browsing history and cache and delete every temporary file that you used in the computer. Another important tip is that you should not let the computer remember your password.

      Always Change Your Password:

      This may not be an easy task as expected, but it is a safer practice just to maintain the security of your account. Also note that you are not to share your login information with anybody. Your bank will never request for your personal login details through email or phone. If you have written your login ID somewhere, try to be more confidential with those login details. In case you need a tight security to your online financial transaction, always change your passwords.

      Always Check Your Account:

      Most ecommerce platforms have history of those who logged in recently on the tab of their platform. Therefore, if you observe any loophole in the course of transaction, please change your ID immediately.

      Note: To have adequate knowledge about card scanning, you need to be informed that fraudsters do mount a device at the top of a card reader in most ATMs that matches with the ATM kit and saves the credit card information. The fraudster then recovers the information gotten and copies it into a magnetic stripe for a different bank and then, uses it to make transactions and cash withdrawals in the guise of the original account owner.

      Therefore, it is advisable that while using cards for transaction at ATMs, always look out for any strange device in order to prevent the above explained scam method.

      Other Security Tips Or Questions Are:

      How can I know if a web page is secure?

      Most times, while surfing the internet, the links of the website start with these letters ‘’http’’. Nevertheless, the address of a secure connection that is shown should start with ‘’https’’. Please take note of the ’’s’’ at the end.

      How do I get alert for any suspicious transaction?

      You need to subscribe for mobile notifications. If you have not done it, the time to do it is now. The importance of this action is for you to be informed about a transaction that exceeds or below a specified limit and also tell your account balance. If your account is safe, the bank will inform you about the unsuccessful attempt to login to your account.

      How can I maintain the security of my card?

      Do not in any time, share your card information with anyone. It is very important to keep your account safe from unsuspecting fraudsters. Know that Emscor Investment Ltd will never ask for your card details. So, ensure you do not forget to logout and delete your login details after an online transaction, especially when using a public computer system.

      If you have any question regarding the security of our website, please don't hesitate to contact us at: or


      C (OKPOKOROISI)     APAMA CX                  S-CUT-A (FILLETS)

      1. 0KG                           1 Bag: 30KG               1 BAG: 30kg   

      4 Cod - heads           ₦69,000.00                 ₦145,000.00