Delivery Prices:

The table below shows the delivery prices for your orders. The delivery prices include the cost of packaging, handling and transportation, etc. Study it very well for your understanding of the cost of delivery available to you. We advise you to consider buying in bulk than a few items; it's economical to buy and transport your orders in bulk .

Note that you will also see the delivery plans on the checkout page. You are, therefore, advised to choose correctly the plan that will suit you according to your city, state, or region, and the weight (kg) of your orders. You are allowed to choose one option at a time. 

Identifying Your Delivery Options:

  1. Identify your area (City, State, or Region).
  2. Identify the weight (kg) of your load and where it falls in the table.
  3. Identify the apprpriate delivery price. 

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