Cod-head (CX): Big Size: 15 Heads: 7.11Kg

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This is round cod - head with collarbones. It’s from Iceland, and the biggest in stock. It has all the necessary nutrients in other parts of cod's body. It’s highly delicious. It can be used to prepare all sorts of Nigerian foods, such as; egusi and bitter leaves soups, stew, jellof rice and yam, and other traditional Nigerian foods. Stockfish is very easy to cook. You cook it as you cook other types of fish. Once you buy it from us, and if well preserved (Either in the fridge or out of wet environment), it can last for a year. The price is quite appropriate for every segment of the market. Try it, you will like it. Place your order now and it will be delivered within 5 days. Contact us at: Sales@emscor.biz.

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