Haddock-Head: HX: 1 Bag: 30Kg

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At Emscor, you will find the best bagged haddock - heads with collarbones (Nti - Azu) in the market. Our haddock is from Iceland. It is well dried and machine packed. In the bag you will have different sizes, and each bag weighs 30kg. The quality is highest in the market because we try to source from suppliers that supply quality stockfish. If preserved in dry and airy conditions (You can also refrigerate it), it can stay up to 1 year. Haddock is a very nutritious fish – food that is high in protein. We will give you the best you would like. The price is moderate. Place your order and you will receive it within 5 working days depending on your destination. Contact us now via email: Sales@emscor.biz.

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