Headless Sey: 20 - 50 cm: 4 Hands: Uncut: 1. 6Kg

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Emscor has in stock the best Norwegian headless sey. We only have the small size in stock. It's of premium quality. It contains more than 95% of the flesh in the body of the fish. Most people prefer it to the head part of the codfish because it's full of flesh. It's highly nutritious. It can be cooked in different ways and used in almost all the Nigerian traditional foods. It's very delicious, and can give your food appetising flavours and tastes. However, it’s sold at the appropriate price. Also the satisfaction it gives is worth the price or the cost of purchasing it. Place your order now and receive it within 5 working days depending on the distance. Contact us via email: Sales@emscor.biz.

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